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Gorilla Biscuit

The indica-dominant blend of Stardawg and Sensi Star, destined to deliver King Kong levels of inhebriation


About Gorilla Biscuit

Gorilla Biscuit is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created when Seeds of Compassion blended Stardawg IX with the Turpentine phenotype of Sensi Star.

This strain is known for giving its user full-body sedation that effectively relieves pain and tension, meanwhile delivering a pleasantly uplifting head effect.

This strain's thick, chunky buds are a light marine color, heavily coated with a fluffy layer of trichomes and long, light, spiraling pistils.

Buds of Gorilla Biscuit produce a smell that smells of slightly bitter espresso and overly sweet lemons, mixed with a slight hint of spicy pine.