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A whimsically-named cannabis strain that is overtly potent


About Grimace

Grimace (sometimes called Grimace OG) is an indica-dominant hybrid named after a certain deep purple former fast food franchise mascot that was allegedly developed through a cross of Purple Urkle and Face Off OG #4.

This strain's bright purple and deep green ice cream cone-shaped buds are known for having a furry exterior of translucent trichomes and spiraled orange pistils.

Patients who have sampled Grimace note that this strain delivers a powerfully sedative body buzz, fully relaxing its patient's minds as well as their bodies, to the point that many say this strain has caused them to experience "couch lock".

Grimace has shown THC levels of up to 26% THC, making this strain seriously potent, almost dangerously so for cannabis patients with a low tolerance, so be sure to try Grimace in small doses.