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Holland's Hope

An easy-to-grow strain that will satisfy any cannabis lover


About Holland's Hope

A stable cross of Afghan and an early Skunk, Holland's Hope was originally designed in the '80s to be able to survive the harsh conditions of growing outdoors in Holland. This strain is known for producing huge, chunky buds.

Holland's Hope is ideal for a beginning grower's first foray into cannabis gardening, as this plant is fungus resistant and able to survive most common mistakes.

Patients who have sampled this strain find that it is very sedative, inducing a full-body buzz that relaxes its user and gives them a happy mood lift.

This strain's purple and green flowers boast a host of trichomes and tangerine-colored pistils, and the pungent earthy smell that comes off of them becomes quite sweet when Holland's Hope is vaporized or smoked.