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Illuminati OG

A hard-to-find indica-dominant hybrid known for its ridiculously intense body high and giggly cerebral effect


About Illuminati OG

Illuminati OG is a spectacularly rare indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that descended from Josh D’s 1996 cut of Club 33 OG.

Said to bring its user an overwhelmingly intense body high, Illuminati OG is also enjoyed for its bright cerebral euphoria that tends to give its patient a serious case of the giggles.

THC tests for this ultra rare strain can be hard to come by, but rumor has it that this strain's pungent, spicy buds tend to have a THC potency of about 20-23% THC.

The buds themselves are fluffy, dense and a saturated forest green, each one covered with small red pistils and a thorough coating of chunky trichomes.