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KC 36

A KC Brains creation that soothes mind and body


About KC 36

An indica-dominant hybrid developed by KC Brains, KC 36 is a blend of the mysterious KC 606 and White Widow that got its name from its breeder's age the year it was created.

This strain has a delightful and delicate lavender and herb scent, and the taste of this strain is floral too, with boldly sweet grape and blueberry notes coming through too.

Cannabis enthusiasts will love KC 36's mellow and relaxing body high, that warms the body and calms the mind without becoming overly sedative.

KC 36's flowers are bright green and littered with a thick coat of chunky trichomes and brick red pistils; these buds tend to have a THC potency of 18-25%, so are likely to be potent enough for most cannabis users.