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Kobain Kush

Kobain Kush

A sedative indica-dominant hybrid beloved for its relaxing buzz


About Kobain Kush

Named after Nirvana's late, great lead singer, Kurt Kobain, Kobain Kush is an indica-dominant blend of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and White Lotus that was developed by Red Eyed Genetics.

Cannabis patients who have been fortunate enough to sample this rare hybrid enjoy its incredibly relaxing body buzz and the euphoric head high it produces.

Buds of this strain smell like pine and, faintly, black coffee, and these flowers have a slightly spicy pepper taste that works well with the strains sweeter pine flavors.

Kobain Kush's flowers are moderately sized, but this strain is loved by growers for the high yield of buds it is known to produce.