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Merlot OG

A unique indica-dominant cannabis strain that tastes just like a fine merlot


About Merlot OG

The indica-dominant hybrid strain Merlot OG was developed when Larry OG, Grape Ape, SFV OG, and Blackberry Rhino were crossed together, resulting in a bud that tastes like a delicious red wine.

Named for its flavor, Merlot OG has a distinct rich grape taste and a skunky, earthy odor with a slight undercurrent of grapes.

Patients who have sampled Merlot OG note that this strain initially brings invigorating energy with a euphoric head effect, and then becomes more relaxing as the high goes on.

Flowers of Grape Valley Kush are dense and large, each deep violet bud covered in a thick coat of trichomes and a few lemon-colored trichomes.