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Monster Cookies

An indica-dominant hybrid of GSC and GDP beloved for the uplifting body buzz it produces


About Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies is an extremely popular indica-dominant cross of Granddaddy Purple with Girl Scout Cookies known to bring equal parts euphoria and total relaxation.

Cannabis lovers who have experienced Monster Cookies say that this strain is extremely uplifting and also very physically relaxing due to its potent buzz.

Monster Cookies is notorious for its beautiful teal green flowers, each one of which is speckled with pale violet and brick red pistils which are obscured by the thick fur of sparkling trichomes.

Like most descendants of Girl Scout Cookies, this strain has the typical earthy vanilla scent, and likely due to Monster Cookies' Granddaddy Purple influence, the strain's flavor is reminiscent of ripened blackberry, blueberry, and grape.