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North American Indica

The catch-all for North American Indica landrace strains, known for their euphoric and relaxing effects


About North American Indica

North American Indica refers to the landrace indica cannabis strains that grow natively across North America, although some North American strains also exhibit sativa genetics.

The THC and CBD potency of these strains are quite variable, due to the variety of biomes and climates within North America, but these strains typically produce fluffy light green buds that are covered in orange pistils and a generous layer of trichomes.

Expect North American Indica strains effects to produce intensely relaxing, tingly physical effects and a pronounced head high that is notably uplifting, often inducing a giggly, sociable buzz.

North American Indica buds are frequently pungent, with an earthy, peppery scent that takes on notes of sandalwood and pine when this strain is smoked or vaped.