A significantly sedative, fast-flowering indica dominant hybrid of P-91 and Sugar Plum


About Pitbull

Resulting from a cross between Sugar Plum and P-91, this uplifting indica-dominant hybrid from Stoney Girl Gardens brings a relaxing buzz.

Expect Pitbull's effects to provide a thoroughly sedative physical buzz capable of relieving pain, stress, and tension for many patients, meanwhile its cerebral effects are quite euphoric.

Pitbull's flowers are fluffy, cone-shaped, and tend to be a deep mossy green hue, each of which is decorated with peach-colored pistils and chunky, sparkly trichomes.

Pitbull plants are well-known for their fast flowering time, as this strain usually produces buds in under 8 weeks, and when you smoke these flowers you'll notice their sweet pineapple and mango juice flavor.

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