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Popcorn Kush

Popcorn Kush

A buttery indica-dominant hybrid strain perfect for kicking back on the couch


About Popcorn Kush

Named for the general appearance of this strain's small but dense buds, Popcorn Kush is a mostly indica hybrid strain that allegedly has a buttery popcorn smell.

Popcorn Kush is known bring its patients a giggly and creative uplifting high alongside a more relaxing physical effect which is ideal for kicking back on the couch after work.

As previously mentioned, this strain has a buttery scent and taste which is accompanied by its kettle corn-like sweetness.

Buds of Popcorn Kush might be somewhat diminutive in size, but every one of this strain's densely packed flowers possesses a heavy coat of potent trichomes and neon orange pistils.