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Puna Buddaz

A remarkably delicious landrace indica strain from Hawaii known for it's giggly, happy high


About Puna Buddaz

A tropical, potent indica landrace strain from the Puna District on the island of Hawaii is beloved for its hardiness and its uplifting high.

Cannabis gardeners report that Puna Buddaz plants are naturally resistant to mold and some common pests, and the buds that come from this slightly short-statured plant tend to be deep forest green and covered in trichomes.

Expect Puna Buddaz effects to be very cerebrally uplifting and giggly, and as the high goes on this bud becomes thoroughly relaxing, sedating, and often pain-relieving.

The smell of this strain is notoriously skunky, but despite Puna Buddaz skunky pungency its flavor blends sweet tropical fruits including mango, orange, and pineapple.