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Purple Chemdawg

Combining Chemdawg with Granddaddy Purple, this indica-dominant strain brings a relaxing buzz


About Purple Chemdawg

A heavily indica-dominant hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Chemdawg, Purple Chemdawg is known for its thoroughly relaxing high.

Purple Chemdawg's flowers tend to have deep green calyxes, each fluffy bud encased in a halo of curly orange pistils and patches of chunky trichomes.

Those who have been lucky enough to encounter Purple Chemdawg note that the strain delivers a relaxing and often sedative physical buzz alongside a calm yet uplifting head high.

When you open up a bag of Purple Chemdawg you're likely to remark upon the strain's chemical aroma, but once smoked this strain takes on a taste that blends sweet grape and lemon candies together.