Purple OG Kush

Blending Purple Kush with Cali OG Kush, expect this mostly indica hybrid to fully relax you


About Purple OG Kush

An indica-dominant strain known for its unique appearance and sweet flavor, Purple OG Kush is probably a blend of Cali OG Kush and Purple Kush genetics.

Purple OG Kush delivers a physically relaxing, sedative buzz, which is accompanied by a bright and uplifting cerebral effect that makes this strain ideal for evening use.

Expect Purple OG Kush's flowers to be lumpy and green, their calyxes often a deep violet or lime green hue that is almost totally hidden by sparkling trichomes and winding orange pistils.

These gorgeous flowers can be recognized from their slightly spicy blueberry and blackberry flavor, although their earthy scent is much milder.

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