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Purple Punch

Purple Punch

This thoroughly relaxing indica-dominant strain packs a delicious blueberry muffin-flavored punch


About Purple Punch

Combining two insanely popular cannabis strains each known for their sedative effects, Purple Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG.

Purple Punch's name is somewhat descriptive of the strain's effects, as it provides a fast-acting and very intense physically sedative high that tends to lead its patients to fall into a deep slumber.

Cannabis users who have tried this strain have noted that its scent has a yeasty vanilla and berry flavor, and when this strain is imbibed through vapor or smoke you might notice that it tastes like a fresh-baked blueberry muffin.

The flowers themselves are lumpy and have a desaturated dark eggplant hue, which is further masked by the buds' thorough coating of shimmering trichomes and neon orange pistils.