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Raspberry Kush

A slightly spicy raspberry-flavored descendent of Hindu Kush, expect this mostly indica strain to provide calm bliss


About Raspberry Kush

Raspberry Kush is a potent indica-dominant descendant of Hindu Kush said to provide a thoroughly relaxing yet blissfully uplifted effect.

Users describe this strain's scent as slightly spicy but otherwise quite similar to its kush heritage, though the strain's flavor blends sweet vanilla ice cream and deep raspberry flavors.

Raspberry kush's effects tend to be exceedingly sedative, though its cerebral buzz is largely euphoric and giggly, which makes this cannabis strain suitable for evening or weekend medication.

Buds of Raspberry Kush are round and have desaturated violet or emerald calyxes, each one completely covered with a tangle of thin peach-colored pistils and a hazy halo of golden trichomes.