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Spoetnik #1

A unique, rare, and mysterious mostly indica strain that brings a spacey, relaxed buzz


About Spoetnik #1

A creation of Paradise Seeds, Spoetnik #1 is a particularly mysterious mostly indica strain named in honor of the famed Soviet satellite.

The genetic heritage of this strain is heavily guarded by its creators, and its buds tend to have a less-than-unique earthy scent and pleasant floral, fruity flavor, so no one is quite sure where Spoetnik #1's traits come from.

Spoetnik #1's effects tend to be relaxing, as a warm, tingly buzz overtakes its user's body, bringing along with it a euphoric head high.

This rare strain's flowers have a light green color, and each of this strain's bulbous calyxes is also encased in sparkling pistils and a halo of sunset orange pistils.