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Star Master Kush

Master Kush, Platinum Kush, Medicine Man, and Sensi Star were all crossed to create this unique indica-dominant hybrid


About Star Master Kush

Originally bred by Zion Cannabis, Star Master Kush is a complex indica-dominant hybrid with genetics from the popular strains Master Kush, Platinum Kush, Medicine Man, and Sensi Star.

Buds of Star Master Kush are large and dense, and their forest green, dense flowers are dotted with small neon orange pistils and a gentle dusting of crystalline trichomes.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have had the fortune to try Star Master Kush say that this strain provides a long-lasting and hard-hitting high that is relaxing, sedating, and cerebrally uplifting.

Star Master Kush flowers have an intriguingly dank musk, and when you imbibe this strain it often takes on a skunky yet sweet lemon and herb taste.