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Sunshine Daydream

A blissful, dreamy indica-dominant cannabis strain that combines Blue Moonshine with Bubba Kush


About Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream is a unique, indica-dominant cross of Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine that delivers a dreamy and delightful high.

Likely due to the Blueberry heritage of this strain, Sunshine Daydream has a decadent blueberry and citrus fruit flavor, and the scent of this strain's attractive buds is kush-like and quite pungent.

Those who have had the fortune of trying this cannabis strain report that it delivers soothing physical effects and a psychoactive, stimulating, creative cerebral buzz that is said to be quite blissful.

Sunshine Daydream's oversized, bulbous buds are a deep forest green hue, and each flower has a glistening cloak of trichomes intermixed with patches of small yellow pistils.