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Terminator OG

A creeping indica-dominant blend of Brutus and Death Star beloved for the long-lasting buzz it delivers


About Terminator OG

Sometimes called "Terminator Kush", Terminator OG is a superb indica-dominant hybrid derived from the popular strains Brutus and Death Star.

At first, Terminator OG's effects are simply euphoric and even somewhat energizing, but as these effects continue you're likely to notice this strain show its thoroughly relaxing side.

Terminator OG's buds are very large, fluffy, and yet dense, their light green structure is each has a furry cloak of orange pistils and a patches of crystalline trichomes.

Aromas of Terminator OG tend to be musky and dank with a subtle scent of spice, and once this strain is vaporized or even smoked you're likely to enjoy its pepper and pine flavor.