A strain so potent it could almost be an anesthetic
About Anesthesia

A strain famous for its ability to relieve pain, Anesthesia is an indica-dominant hybrid of Afghan Skunk and Herojuana.

This strain is known for its sedative full-body feel that leads into a deeply relaxing sleep, as well as its calming head effect that relieves mental distress.

This bud is a great treatment for patients who are dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and aches, as well as many sleeping disorders.

1 Review
4 months ago
Anesthesia is a powerful Indica Dominant strain with dark grass green buds covered by dark brown "hairs" and a thin sugary resin layer with a strong Pine Sol smell. Its' effects leaves the user feeling fully sedated, as body and mind will feel any discomfort melting away and giving space to a "stoney" long lasting pain free. Anesthesia has a sourish skunky taste. Great nighttime strain.
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