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Critical Kali Mist

Uplifting and with a stimulating body buzz, Critical Kali Mist is sure to give you a rush


About Critical Kali Mist

The combination of two award-winning parents, Critical Mass and Kali Mist, Critical Kali Mist is a euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid.

Especially beloved for the laughter-inducing mood effect this strain induces, patients report that Critical Kali Mist is stimulating and clear-headed, while the body effect is pain-relieving and long-lasting.

This strain has been tested at around 12-15% THC, making it satisfyingly strong enough for many cannabis patients.

This bud has a fragrant chemical aroma with hints of warm spices, and each long cola has deep rust-colored pistils at its tip and a fine dust of trichomes encrusting the surface.