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Double Diesel

Doubling down on the power of Diesel by combining Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel


About Double Diesel

Double Diesel combines NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel into one seriously stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid, renowned by patients for its high potency and physically relaxing high.

Double Diesel's buds are extremely dense and known for the fruity and diesel-flavored aroma this strain produces, each of this strain's bright forest green buds is coated in chunky potent trichomes and an array of thin lemon-colored pistils.

Patients who have tried Double Diesel report that the cerebral effects of this strain are energizing and focused although not as high-energy as some more speedy strains, making this bud perfect for those who medicate throughout the morning and afternoon.

The physical effects of this strain relieve pain while providing the body with a relaxing buzz. Double Diesel has been proven to test around 16-22% THC, making this a satisfyingly potent cannabis strain.