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Double Tangie Banana

A strain with a taste unlike any other, this sweet bud is destined for greatness


About Double Tangie Banana

Crockett Family Farms combines Tangie and Banana Sherbet to create this delicious and deviously strong sativa-dominant strain.

Those who have tried Double Tangie Banana remark that this strain provides an extremely relaxing physical and cerebral effect, ideal for use before bed or on a day off.

This strain is beloved by some for its high resin production, perfect for extracting into cannabis concentrates such as waxes and oils, as it retains not only the potency of this strain but its delicious taste.

Double Tangie Banana's buds are said to have, you guessed it, a sweet citrus and banana flavor, as well as a host of shimmering trichomes and tangerine colored pistils.