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Dr. Grinspoon

Named for one of marijuana's historical heroes, Dr. Grinspoon is packed full of surprises


About Dr. Grinspoon

Amsterdam's own Barney's Farm developed this purebred heirloom sativa strain that was named for the beloved cannabis advocate Dr. Lester Grinspoon, who in the 1970s fought against mainstream misinformation about cannabis.

Dr. Grinspoon is a strain that reflects the creative thinking and focus of its namesake, as this strain produces a totally euphoric, energizing, and surprisingly clear-headed cerebral effect enjoyed by any sativa lover.

One of the unique things about this strain is the shape of its buds, which tend to look like huge bundles of small berries hanging from the strong stems of these plants.

The spiced citrus fragrance of these buds is similarly unusual, though the flavor is said to be quite pleasant.