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The fairy godmother of cannabis strains from Dynasty Seeds


About Drizella

Drizella is a combination of the best qualities of Cinderella 99, White Widow (F1) and Space Queen (F3) from Dynasty Genetics.

With its clear, motivating, and uplifting head high along with ability to ease aches and pains makes it the perfect companion to make your day more productive. Additionally, Drizella is an effective anti-depressant and mild pain reliever, helping those seeking stress relief and physical discomfort.

Drizella has a tantalizingly skunky citrus aroma coupled with a hazy tropical fruit taste that will make your mouth water in anticipation before your first puff.

It's a relatively easy to grow strain, and growers will be pleased with its stable genetics and high resin production. Drizella flowers in about 8-9 weeks but will definitely stink up any grow room she's found in!