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A skunky-smelling Dutch bud that produces complete euphoria


About Euforia

Also known as Euphoria, Euforia is a Dutch Passion creation that has gone on to win multiple cannabis cup awards.

Allegedly this sativa dominant strain was parented by a variety of Skunk plants, but no one is quite sure of the genetic makeup of this strain.

Even THC tests can be hard to come by for this presumably potent strain.

Those who have sampled Euforia proclaim it produces an energetic and euphoric high that leaves its user in a sociable mood.

Spade shaped lumpy buds and with a hefty cloak of trichomes are usually what you'll find when you try Euforia.

Probably due to its Skunk heritage, Euforia buds are very skunky, though their taste is mild and sweet which dulls the aroma significantly.