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Great White Shark

Combining White Widow with Super Skunk to create a sativa-dominant hybrid that can knock out pain in the big leagues


About Great White Shark

Great White Shark combines the fabulous White Widow with the overachieving strain Super Skunk in order to create a sativa-dominant hybrid with a fabulously potent body buzz.

The sativa side of this strain comes through a creative, stimulating head rush, invigorating its user's thoughts and elevating their mood, meanwhile the indica part of Great White Shark incapacitates the body through a sedating full-body buzz, ideal for any user who is managing pain.

Buds of Great White Shark will usually have a THC level of around 20%, and each fuzzy, trichome-covered sage green bud has a tangle of sticky, potent peach-colored pistils.

If you break apart one of Great White Shark's flowers in your palm you will be greeted by an earthy aroma of sour lemon that turns sweet like a lemon drop when vaporized or smoked.