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Highland Oaxacan Gold

An extremely rare Mexican sativa that is both cerebral and introspective


About Highland Oaxacan Gold

Highland Oaxacan Gold is an exclusive Mexican sativa strain bred by Vermontman of Green Mountain Seeds.

This strain's history began in 1979, wherein a friend of Vermontman had shipped a kilo of high quality Mexican weed through Martha's Vineyard. Upon smoking the product, Vermontman called his friend and requested him to send any seeds he could find from the same source.

Once he received the seeds, he found a spot on top of a hill about 20 minutes north of Boston that receieved consistent sunlight where he planted the female Oaxacan Gold seeds. At his home, he planted the male Oaxacan seeds, and eventually introduced the two as part of his breeding program once they were both ready.

It doesn't have the strongest aroma, but if you do take a face-full whiff of a bag full of buds, you can expect notes of a basalm fir tree, fruit, and incense. When vaporized or smoked, the flavor has subtle hints of fruit and pine akin to a dry white wine.

The effects are extremely potent and the onset is quick and cerebral. Expect an energizing influx of motivation that might make you lose your train of thought as you devolve deep into conversation in social settings.

Growers of Highland Oaxacan Gold will find she has a very high mold resistance, and thrives when finished under red heavy LED or HID lights. Additionally, growers should budget extra time during vegetation, so that she can establish a strong base that will allow the heavy buds to be supported.