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An indica-dominant cannabis strain that tastes like black licorice and relaxes patients inside and out


About Jr

Allegedly, Jr (also called Jgr) is named after a popular black licorice-flavored alcoholic drink from Germany, and is known for being a potent indica-dominant hybrid with an intriguing taste.

Those who have experience with Jr have said that this strain is intensely relaxing for both mind and body, as Jr's body buzz soothes all tension, stress, aches, and pains.

Buds of Jager have an unignorable licorice scent, that blends together with an earthy pine fragrance, and it's flavor introduces a twist of lemon that is surprisingly bright.

The flowers themselves are a deep, dark green, these buds' trichomes sparkle in the light while bright orange pistils poke out from between this strain's chunky calyxes.