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Lemon Sativa

A lemon candy flavored sativa beloved for its uplifting mental buzz and relaxing physical efffects


About Lemon Sativa

A fragrant and flavorful sativa strain, Lemon Sativa is regarded to be a euphoric, physically relaxing, and positively energetic bud.

Patients say that this strain is more calm and relaxing than other sativas, although it brings many of the same uplifting, focused, and creative mental effects.

Flowers of Lemon Sativa are round and dense, each lime green nug a tangle of auburn pistils and shimmering trichomes.

When you first encounter Lemon Sativa you will become aware of the bud's innately skunky, earthy scent, but like many lemon strains this flower becomes as sweet as lemon candy when it is vaped or smoked.