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Mother Tongue

A berry-flavored sativa-dominant strain that will leave you laughing and talking


About Mother Tongue

Created when Jinxproof Genetics combined JOG Kush, Watermelon OG, and Afgooey together, Mother Tongue is a sativa-dominant strain that is said to induce a talkative head buzz.

Like most sativa-dominant strains, Mother Tongue's creative, talkative, giggly effects relieve fatigue, making this strain an excellent choice for daytime use.

Flowers of Mother Tongue produce an earthy aroma with warm, peppery spices, and the flavor of this strain mixes rich blueberry and strawberry and fresh lemon notes into a delicious berry taste.

When you see this strain's buds you will be immediately struck by the bright purple and green hues of the strain's fluffy flowers, each one speckled by neon orange pistils and a generous dusting of trichomes.