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Purple Champagne

Purple Champagne

This sativa-dominant cross of Granddaddy Purple and Pink Champagne is known for its energizing high


About Purple Champagne

Developed by Grand Daddy Purp, the mostly sativa hybrid strain Purple Champagne is the result of a cross between Pink Champagne and a special phenotype of Granddaddy Purple.

Buds of Purple Champagne produce a very pungent aroma and a flavor that some patients have likened to a rich glass of red wine.

Expect these flowers to be light yellow-green in color and have a THC potency of around 17-20%, each of these fluffy round buds accented by shimmering trichomes and bright red pistils.

Cannabis enthusiasts have described Purple Champagne's effects to be surprisingly energetic, as it provides a creative and uplifting head effect and a stimulating yet mellow physical buzz.