A sativa landrace strain originating from the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt
About Sinai

A landrace sativa strain thought to be native to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Sinai is a fabulously blissful cannabis strain.

Sinai's effects tend to begin with a creative, uplifting sense of cerebral bliss, which some cannabis users have said is ideal for daytime medication.

This rare hybrid's flowers are fluffy and a yellow-green hue, their delicate calyxes each covered with a furry coat of thick orange pistils and small crystalline trichomes.

1 Review
3 months ago
Sinai is a Sativa strain with large fluffy light green buds covered by dark frosty orange "hairs" and a sticky resin layer with a spicy pungent smell. Its effects leaves the mind clear and focused as the body stays motivated and anxiety free, making the user feel very happy and calm. Sinai has a sweet candy taste and is a great wake and bake companion.
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