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A cerebral sativa-dominant cross of Super Lemon Haze with Gupta Kush


About Slazerbeam

Crossing the beloved cannabis strains Gupta Kush and Super Lemon Haze, Slazerbeam is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was originally developed by Colorado Seed Inc.

This rare strain's flowers tend to be oversized and yet irregularly shaped, and each one's lumpy surface is individually decorated with furry neon orange pistils and a halo of translucent trichomes.

Slazerbeam's effects are mostly mental, as this string brings a euphoric, energizing, and focused head high alongside a mildly relaxing physical buzz.

The scent of Slazerbeam's buds is bright, with notes of peppery spice and earthy citrus blended together, meanwhile, the flavor of this strain takes on an herbaceous lemon tea taste.