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Southern Lights

A somewhat rare sativa-dominant cannabis strain from Sensi Star and NYC Diesel heritage


About Southern Lights

The sativa-dominant cannabis strain formerly known as White Star, Southern Lights is a strain created by Delta 9 Labs that combines NYC Diesel and Sensi Star.

Southern Lights buds are said to give off a uniquely pungent yet sweet aroma of lemon, and these beautiful flowers are said to have a lemon-like flavor as well.

Expect Southern Lights' buds to be long and very fluffy, as each yellow-green flower of this strain is adorned with thick patches of golden pistils and a halo of translucent trichomes.

Cannabis connoisseurs who've sampled this rare strain generally describe Southern Lights' effects as uplifting, as the strain purports a giggly, creative head high and a stimulating physical buzz.