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Space Needle

A mostly sativa child of Vortex and Blue Dream beloved for the creative buzz it brings


About Space Needle

Space Needle is a super rare sativa-dominant cannabis strain named for the stunning building of the same name in Seattle that was created when the fantastic strains Blue Dream and Vortex were combined.

If you're looking for a strain to induce a creative, focused high, you're likely to enjoy Space Needle's uplifting cerebral effects.

The scent that comes from Space Needle's flowers is pine-like and quite odorous, and once this strain is imbibed you are likely to notice it takes on a pleasantly sweet floral flavor.

Space Needle's flowers are chunky, lumpy, and oversized, and each cactus green flower has a delicate dew of sparkling trichomes and curly pistils that are neon orange in color.