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Utopia Haze

You can be assured that this utopia is very real


About Utopia Haze

Utopia Haze was produced by Barney's Farm as the result of backcrossing a Brazilian landrace. It ended up stealing the show in its Cannabis Cup debut, winning not only the Cannabis and Sativa cups, but also being the overall crowd favorite.

It's a great strain if you're looking for a powerful sativa high without the associated paranoia. Whether you're out socializing with friends or staying inside and relaxing on a lazy day, it's sure to transport you to your personal utopia.

If you're growing Utopia Haze, keep in mind it takes a little bit longer than most other strains to flower (around 70-75 days), however, it's well worth the wait. It's also a great strain for novice growers as it has disease and mold resistant properties.

Expect a delicious citrusy and mint flavored taste with a pungent fruity and woody aroma when consumed.