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A stupendously uplifting blend of Pez and Purple Cherry that brings stimulating, mostly sativa effects


About Waldo

Apothecary Genetics is the creator of the rare strain Waldo, which is the mostly sativa child of uniquely sweet strains Purple Cherry and Pez.

Each of Waldo's pine-colored flowers has a decorative cloak of sparkling trichomes, which almost completely obscure the strain's orange juice-colored pistils and the lumpy, fluffy calyxes they rest on.

Waldo, when ingested, tends to give those who use it an uplifted head high and a physically relaxing buzz, which makes this strain well suited to medication throughout the day.

Often, Waldo's attractive buds will have a musk-like pungency which becomes much sweeter then this bud is smoked or vaporized.