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White Buffalo

A unique and musky sativa-dominant cannabis strain with roots from Bay 11, Blackberry Kush, and Romulan


About White Buffalo

A heavily sativa-dominant bud, White Buffalo, also called "Tatanka", was parented by the popular cannabis strain Romulan and a hybrid cross of Bay 11 and Blackberry Kush.

Bulbous buds of White Buffalo tend to be quite large, and every dark moss-colored calyx has a sparkling layer of potent trichomes and bright red pistils.

Cannabis lovers who've managed to experience White Buffalo's effects note that this strain is profoundly uplifting, stimulating, and even sometimes arousing.

White Buffalo's uniquely attractive buds have an earthy musk that hangs over them, and once this strain is smoked or vaporized its sweet honey and subdued pine flavor will take over.