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Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

Updated November 24, 2022

Anxiety attacks are terrifying. Pills can make you feel like you’re a zombie or just disconnected from reality. Using cannabis can help relax yourself during the onset of an attack, or even before you feel the warning signs of anxiety start coming on. Here are six marijuana strains that help reduce anxiety.


Sativa strains are ideal for daytime use. These two are ideal for reducing the effects of anxiety on your body.

Strawberry Cough - Strawberry Cough is a heavy-hitting sativa. It energizes you but provides calming effects at the same time.

Jack Herer - Jack Herer is one of the most well-known sativa strains. It's great for depression and stress, but also works well for anxiety and PTSD. It's got some euphoric cerebral effects as well. Cerebral effects slowly surface, as Northern Lights is one of the parents of Jack Herer, which provides relaxing effects.


Indica strains are ideal for nighttime use. Your mind and body will both be relaxed before drifting off to sleep.

Blackberry Kush - Blackberry Kush stems from Afghani and Blueberry parents. It’s a heavy hitting indica that is likely to make you sleepy (combat this with a cup of coffee). Even in situations that would normally send you tail spinning into a major anxiety attack, you’ll notice that you’re cool as a cucumber and feel completely comfortable.

Granddaddy Purple - GDP as it is often referred to is known as the daytime indica. You’ll feel nice and calm but won’t need to take a nap. At the onset of your anxiety symptoms, take a few hits. Give yourself about 10 minutes to feel the full effects of GDP and enjoy being social without your heart beating out of your chest.


Hybrids are good options for afternoon and evening use. You’ll feel relaxed but not overly tired.

Girl Scout Cookies - Girl Scout Cookies is a bit unique. It helps our bodies reduce deficiencies of anandamide. Lacking anandamide can cause memory issues and can heighten symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. This strain typically has high THC percentages and is a Cannabis Cup winner several times over. Go light with GSC, a little too much can leave you feeling a bit confused. Take a couple of hits and give yourself 10 minutes to see if you need more to achieve a comfortable state of mind.

ACDC - ACDC is a high-CBD hybrid strain. The psychoactive effects are minimal, so for those that need relief but don’t want to feel high in some situations, this strain is ideal. You’ll be comfortable in public places and can also reduce inflammation at the same time. Typically, ACDC contains 20 times more CBD than THC.

Closing Thoughts

Anxiety can ruin someone’s life and their ability to experience quality of life. It can be debilitating. You don’t have to be a slave to prescription medicine to relieve your anxiety. You can do it naturally and when you need to with quick relief of symptoms as marijuana works to combat symptoms of nearly any ailment (when choosing the right strain for your condition) in as little as 5 minutes.

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