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Why does Cannabis make your Eyes Red?

Have you ever wondered why your eyes get red after using cannabis? There’s a few reasons actually, and we’ll go through them for you here. We’ll even tell you how to remedy the “red eye”; especially if you can’t exactly broadcast that you’ve used cannabis.

Cannabis Allergy

Even though our bodies have an endocannabinoid system, cannabis allergies are legitimate. There is a very small portion of the population that has an allergic reaction to cannabis. The cannabis plant does produce pollen, which can be an irritant for some. Red eyes won’t be your only symptom though.

Cannabis allergies also come along with hives, edema (swelling) and/or itchy skin. Common allergy symptoms should be expected, but red eyes won’t be the only symptom.


If you haven’t taken in enough water during the day, it’ll show in your eyes when you use cannabis. Some cannabis strains also make you ridiculously thirsty (dry mouth is a common side effect of many cannabis strains), which will help you rehydrate your body. Keep water close by. Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks. Of course, leave the sodas in the fridge, as they are high in sodium and only make you thirstier.

You’ll probably drink far more water than you normally would, but your body needs it. Room temperature water actually helps better than ice-cold water, believe it or not.


THC often works to lower the body’s blood pressure. That being said, the blood vessels in your body are dilated and more blood flows through. It doesn’t matter what way you consume cannabis, even via edibles, you are likely to get the red eye look once it takes effect.

Our eyes have parts called ocular globes. When you use cannabis, these expand and lets blood circulate in a visible fashion, which makes our eyes look red sometimes.

Note: Not everyone will experience red eyes. Not every strain will give you red eyes. It’s a hit or miss kind of thing.

Strain Type

As mentioned in the note above, not all cannabis strains will make you have red eyes. There are also instances where you just build a resistance to the increased blood flow and your eyes don’t get red. So, if you try a strain and it doesn’t make your eyes red, nothing’s wrong with the strain and nothing’s wrong with you. It’s just one of those things that happens sometimes.

Remedying the Red Eye

The most common way to rid yourself of red eyes is to use eye drops. Traditional eye drops, not allergy eye drops. Allergy eye drops, when you don’t actually have an allergy, can be quite painful. You should also refrain from rubbing your eyes. Some strains make them feel dry – which is another reason to keep hydrating eye drops on-hand.

A Couple of Last Tips

Stay well hydrated. It will help reduce the likelihood of you getting red eyes. If you’ll be going outdoors in the sun, wear sunglasses to help protect your eyes from sun damage. With visible blood vessels in your eyes, your eyes are more susceptible to damage from the sun.

How often do you experience “red eyes”?

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