Biker Le'Blanc


A blend of Hell's Angel OG and the White, this strain is a potent medication

About Biker Le'Blanc

A hard-to-find sativa-dominant hybrid of The White and Hell's Angel OG that produces big resinous nugs perfect for extraction, vaping, and smoking alike.

This strain has a distinctive diesel kush scent with an earthy twist, and generally tests around 24% THC, making it quite a potent bud.

Patients report that this strain produces an energetic cerebral buzz that spreads throughout the body, leaving you feeling stimulated and relaxed, and often quite hungry.

Plants of this strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, have a flowering time of about ten weeks, and produces a fairly high yield of high potency buds.

This strain may be a potent medication for relieving symptoms of chronic pain, appetite loss, stress, and insomnia.

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