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Hell's Angel OG

A unique and sedative indica-dominant cannabis strain allegedly created by the Hell's Angels themselves


About Hell's Angel OG

Hell's Angel OG, also sometime's called Hell's OG, blends Blackberry and OG Kush into an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is rumored to have been bred by the Californian biker gang themselves.

Buds of Hell's Angels OG might be smaller than you expect, but these bright grass green buds' dense bud structure, thick layer of chunky trichomes, and long orange pistils naturally have a lot of bag appeal.

Patients who have tried Hell's Angels OG enjoy the strain's sedative physical high, a warm buzz that spreads throughout the entire body, and the euphoric head effect.

Despite the strain's hardy reputation, its buds have a surprisingly sweet and delicate aroma which is reminiscent of a forest, the strain's flavor mixes its unique scent with hints of flavorful citrus and sweet candy.