Black Tuna

Packaged as a can of tuna, this British Columbian strain is a delectable treat
About Black Tuna

Developed by Canadian breeders 5 Star Organic, Black Tuna is a hybrid of popular Herojuana and Lamb's Bread strains that was originally packaged as canned tuna.

Patients love this strain's mind and body relaxation, this strain seems to specifically target stress and tension and melt it away, leaving its users euphoric and ready for a nap.

This strain has big buds that are pale green with a spattering of deep eggplant colored leaves, and its skunky cheesy smell cannot be ignored.

1 Review
2 months ago
Black Tuna is a pungent Hybrid strain with light green color buds covered by light brown "hairs" and a shiny resin layer with a strong skunky smell. Its' effects recharges the user as the mind becomes worry free and very relaxed while the body feel pain free and a bit jumpy. Black Tuna has not so pleasant peppery skunky taste.
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