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A completely relaxing indica-dominant hybrid said to relieve pain better than almost anything


About Herijuana

Also called Harijuana or Herojuana, Herijuana is an extremely sedative indica-dominant cannabis strain rumored to have near-narcotic effects.

Created by Woodhorse Seeds, Herijuana is the result of a combination of the "Killer New Haven" cannabis strain and Petrolia Headstash and is said to have a THC level of between 20-23% THC on average.

Patients who enjoy Herijuana usually love its extremely sedative effects, perfect for relieving pain and inducing an intense state of recuperating relaxation.

This strain's buds tend to be slightly smaller than average, but each one is encrusted in a thick gemlike layer of sparkling trichomes, each one with a huge furry coat of reddish pistils.