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BSC (Boy Scout Cookies)

BSC (Boy Scout Cookies)

Smelling these buds is like catching a whiff of cookies straight out of the oven, irresistible!


About BSC (Boy Scout Cookies)

Boy Scout Cookies is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, and just like its mother strain, this bud is rumored to have a delicious buttery cookie aroma and taste. Many say that BSC truly smells like fresh-baked cookies.

This strain is a balanced hybrid, comprised of 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica, in most cases. From some breeders, however, it may be very slightly indica dominant. It is one of the phenotypes of the famous Girl Scout Cookie strain.

Cannabinoid Content

Boy Scout Cookies are powerful, with THC typically between 19 and 23 percent, although you can easily find strains that have 24 percent THC. By contrast, the CBD content is very low.


This strain is popular for its full-body effect, beginning with a euphoric head buzz that continues throughout your body, enveloping you in a warm and sedative haze. Expect to feel relaxed, uplifted, and filled with bliss.

The effects begin with a boost to your mood, dramatically increasing your spirits. From there, the buzz will creep up. Before you know it, you will be experiencing a strong couch-lock that encourages you to melt into whatever furniture you are on, and keeps you there for hours. After that, expect the munchies to hit without much relief from the couch-lock. As such, you should prepare some snacks and keep them handy before you start smoking Boy Scout Cookies.

As you crest the high of BSC, you can keep your focus and lucidity. Over time, you will appreciate the strain’s full effects, both physically and mentally. This combination makes Boy Scout Cookies popular for a range of activities, including listening to music, cleaning, and just lounging with friends.

This strain is a fantastic medication for managing symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and stress. It can also help with depression, chronic fatigue, and eye pressure.


BSC buds are deep green, covered in shimmering trichomes and sweet sticky resin. The buds are large and feature spade-shaped green nugs that are dark forest green. The buds have a tapered and solidly-packed structure that is common among indica strains. These nugs feature plentiful amber hairs, covered in frosty white trichomes and topped with sticky sweet resin droplets that are visible to the naked eye. The leaves twist somewhat and are bright spring green.

It is common to find Boy Scout Cookies phenotypes with patches of purples within the leaves. You will also find hair pistils that are orange to brown and poke through the colorful flowers. The surface is sticky thanks to the cloudy white trichomes.

Flavor and Aroma

The strain has a famous vanilla-spice butter cookie scent. The flavor is incredibly similar to cookies, with sweetness and hints of butter and nutty vanilla. There may even be a hint of spice. Unlike the Girl Scout Cookies strain of which this is a phenotype, Boy Scout Cookies also has a pungent twist with earthy nuts and sweet skunk. If you pay close attention, you may even spot notes of citrus to brighten the flavor.

Overall, the aroma combines earthiness, pine, sweetness, vanilla, and woodiness. This pine and skunk notes are especially prominent when you grind or break up the dense buds.

When you combust Boy Scout Cookies, you may notice an acrid, harsh smoke that makes your eyes water and tickles the palate. As you exhale, the smoke will have a biscuit and sweet tastes. Some users are surprised that despite having a purple color, BSC does not have any grape flavors. Those experienced with cannabis, however, will not be surprised as the color and taste are not necessarily related.