OG Kush


A legendary west-coast strain beloved for its high potency and giggly euphoria

About OG Kush

Probably the most popular west coast cannabis strain in existence, the legendary sativa-dominant cannabis strain OG Kush was allegedly created when Hindu Kush and Chemdawg were combined.

OG Kush's effects are notoriously euphoric, inducing a tingly, stimulating body buzz and a giggly head high that are unmatched in just about any other strain.

The potency of OG Kush buds has reached as high as 28% THC, which makes this strain overwhelming for new cannabis users, or those with a low tolerance.

Flowers of this strain are gorgeous, each purple and emerald green calyx encased in a shimmering halo of trichomes and tangled orange pistils.

As most cannabis lovers know, OG Kush has a distinct piney aroma and a surprisingly pleasant sweet pine flavor.

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