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A delightful blueberry bubblegum flavored bud


About Bubbleberry

Bubbleberry is a combination of the beloved Bubble Gum and Blueberry cannabis strains.

Patients who have had the opportunity to use this delectable strain say that it has a long-lasting and very uplifting mind effect, producing a very talkative effect and a stimulating tingle that relaxes the rest of your body.

Bubbleberry's large, spade-shaped flowers tend to test high in THC (generally over 20%), and each of these beautiful green buds has a myriad of deep brick red pistils and a very thick coat of chunky, translucent trichomes that makes them sparkle.

They have a bubblegum and blueberry aroma that is as much of a delight to smell as it is to taste, especially when vaporized.