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Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum

A bud that tastes just like bubblegum


About Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is an award-winning hybrid strain with a contentious origin. According to Serious Seeds, the story goes that the original version came from a grower in Indiana (USA), sometime around the 1980s. That grower in turn, passed along three female Bubble Gum cuts to T.H. Seeds, Simon from Serious Seeds and Tony of Cerebral Seeds.

T.H. Seeds ended up working more on the original plant he received which is why his version is advertised as indica-dominant, whereas Simon marketed his as a sativa-dominant strain. Simon's version has a lineage of Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani. It's also been used as a mother plant for the delicious Crockett Family Farms version of Strawberry Banana.

Despite its inbred background, growers of Bubble Gum will find Simon's version to not only grow homogeneously but with a lot of vigor, as its sturdy stems are able to support even the heaviest of buds. The only downside of this strain's inbreeding is a delayed onset growth, but it quickly stretches into a medium-tall shape within a few weeks time.

The taste of this bud is just like chewing a fruity strawberry bubble gum, hence the name. When grown organically and smoked, it's very easy on the throat.

Patients enjoy this strain's euphoric-inducing and creative cerebral effects as well as it's mellow and relaxing body high.

Bubblegum has dark green buds that are nearly turned white by the layer of chunky trichomes that coat the surface of each bud, dotted with neon tangerine pistils.